Diversity Plant Propagation :: New Arrivals :: KATIE BELLES® Lomandra hystrix 'LHBYF' 100mm pot

KATIE BELLES® Lomandra hystrix 'LHBYF' 100mm pot

KATIE BELLES® Lomandra hystrix 'LHBYF' 100mm pot

KATIE BELLES® Lomandra hystrix 'LHBYF' 100mm pot
Katie Belles generally will grow to a maximum height of 1.5m in general conditions, but in well maintained, fertilised and irrigated areas it can grow to a height of 1.8m. Like other Lomandra Hystrix Katie Belles is extremely resistant to root rot and phytophora. Katie Belles can be used in most landscape applications and will tolerate raised, depressed and flat planting sites.
Katie Belles is suited to moist soils, as well as tolerating dry conditions. Lives on natural rainfall in most of the populated areas of the eastern states, provided it is planted in 50mm or more of mulch, preferably chunky mulch, as this lets the rain pass more easily through to the root zone. For desert inland type areas occasional watering will be required. It grows well in part shade and will tolerate full sun and moderate-high frosts. It is the best Lomandra species for coping with periodic wet feet, over irrigated areas, hot, humid and dry conditions. It does well in both raised and depressed areas in both clay and sandy soils. Tolerates windy and salt laden windy positions.
Mulch Type
Katie Belles will grow in all types of mulch including recycled mulch with more than 5% fines, but for reasons other than plant health preferably plant in mulch that comprises of hardwood chips or other chunky wood material with no more than 5% fines by volume (preferably zero fines). (Note: Mulch with less than 5% fines has many advantages, and should be used anyway, not to mention it is part of the Australian standards to have no more than 5% fines. However this plant can cope well with mulch types with more than 5% fines.)
Water as required to keep the plant healthy for the first 8 to 13 weeks. After this irrigation is optional (not required) for most populated areas of the East Coast, other than particuta1y dry inland regions. Although any Lomandra Hystrix type plant will benefit from occasional irrigation, helping prevent brown off in very dry conditions. It needs occasional watering in WA and South Australia, if planted in very dry areas. Katie Belles can be used in areas that are extensively irrigated. Trimming is rarely required, but if needed, trim using a sharp implement to 30cm above the ground. Avoid trimming in drought conditions, or in the middle of Summer. Fertiliser is rarely required, but in ornamental gardens if a darker green colour is desired, fertilise with any good balanced 8 to 9 month slow release fertiliser, preferably in Spring or Autumn.
Ideal for mass planting It is not a wetland plant, but can tolerate shallow water for very long periods. Ideal for patio pot plants and planter boxes, provided a larger plant is required. Good indoor plant. Good companion plant with Little Jess, Breeze and Tropic Belle.

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