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JUST RIGHT®Liriope muscari 'LIRJ' 100mm

JUST RIGHT®Liriope muscari 'LIRJ' 100mm

JUST RIGHT®Liriope muscari 'LIRJ' 100mm
Just Right® is a much better alternative to the popular Liriope, Evergreen Giant. Just Right’s foliage burns less in the sun or in frosts and its leaves simply feel stronger and more robust. Just Right’s leaves are also finer, making the clump look dense and compact. Just Right is a consistent height, which is very important for mass plantings.

Unfortunately, Evergreen Giant is no longer a stable variety. Nurseries all over Australia have been growing it from seed for years, and it now comes in all different shapes and sizes. Even division grown forms are now extremely variable. So if you ask for 100 Liriope Evergreen Giant, you may get 30 or so different forms. Just Right will always be exactly the same size, as it comes only from division or Tissue Culture.

Just Right is not too big, or too small. Some Evergreen Giant forms grow to 700 or 800 mm tall. Some other forms of Liriope are too small to compete with weeds. Just Right is just the right size, at an average height of 45cm to 50cm.

Just right remains more evergreen than any other Liriope in drought, cold or wet, making it the best landscape gardening Liriope available. Just Right is also more tolerant of Phytophthora than Evergreen Giant. Just Right has so far over 6 years never produced a viable seed, so it can not come up in the bush on its own, where as Evergreen Giant seeds a lot.

Description: Evergreen strappy leaf plant with uniformity. Grows to an average size of 45-50cm tall by 45-50cm wide. Just Right has white to light purple flowers.

Uses: Can be used for mass plantings, specimen plants, along paths and fences.

Position: Tolerates full sun and moderate to heavy shade. Soils can be moderate heavy to free draining.

Care: Almost no maintenance needed. Trim if required.
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